Common questions

What is Novakid?

Novakid is an online school where children learn English from native speakers. Our unique interactive program was created by experienced practicing teachers and methodologists for children from 4 to 12 years old with different levels of English proficiency. Novakid Classes are conducted online through a specially designed virtual educational platform. All Novakid teachers are native speakers and have a British or American accent, and are certified teachers with more than 3 years of experience working with children, including online education.

How will my child understand if the teacher does not speak his/her mother tongue?

The basis of learning in Novakid is the communicative approach and the method of Total Physical Response. What does it mean? The communicative approach combines the practice of communication and the study of grammar so from the very first lesson your child starts speaking! The method of total physical response is based on the use of facial expressions and gestures which gives excellent results at the initial stage. During classes, the teacher adapts to the level of the child, uses only the familiar vocabulary, simulates situations, and does not explain the rules. Grammar is not taught as a collection of endless rules and exceptions but in the form of communicative constructions that are ready to use. Consequently, communication with a native speaker in combination with a special methodology erases the boundaries and barriers, and learning resembles the natural process of learning a native language.

What is your guaranteed effect? What will my child get after, for example, 40 lessons in Novakid?

Thanks to a combination of two approaches: the communicative and the method of total physical response, the child begins to communicate from the first lessons, and in 40 lessons the effect will become truly noticeable! At the end of each lesson, the teacher leaves a review, which indicates what material the child has been learned. In addition, every 8 lessons the teacher conducts a knowledge test that is imperceptible to the student. This test allows you to understand what kind of material the child understood best and to what aspects need to be paid extra attention to. Also, you can always follow the progress of the child, watching videos of lessons in the parent's office.

Are there any intermediate exams (knowledge testing lessons) in Novakid? How are they carried out?

An intermediate knowledge test (or unit review) is carried out after passing 2 sections (or units), that is, every 8 lessons. The testing takes place during a lesson and is imperceptible to the child, that allows him/her to be relaxed, not to worry and to show real results. The unit review shows the teacher which material the child has understood the best and what aspects need to be given extra time during the next classes.

Learning process - student

Are there any restrictions on the level of language skills and age of the child?

The program is specially designed for children from 4 to 12 years, including for those who have never studied English.

My child is 4/5 years old, why can not study with your programme?

We have a separate curriculum for this age group. Your child can study at our school if they are 4-5 years old. You can find the details about our Pre-School program down on this page.

My child can read and write at 4 years old. He also studied English in another school. Can we take a course at Novakid?

We can sign your child for a trial lesson. You will be next to him/her and you will understand if this format fits your child. If you would like to try, please submit your request to our administrators.

My child is 13 years old, is it possible to make an exception?

Materials and methods of teaching in Novakid take into account the peculiarities of the motivation of children aged 4 to 12 years. There is a possibility that your child will be bored during lessons. So, as soon as we have a program for children over 13, we will definitely inform you.

Can adults have lessons on your programme?

Unfortunately, this option is not provided yet. But we grow and develop! As soon as such an opportunity arises, we will certainly inform you.

Can parents attend during lessons?

Yes, you can attend, but only as an observer. We kindly ask parents to trust our teachers and allow the educational process to go according to the planned program.

My child has already studied English. How do you determine his/her language level?

The level of language proficiency is determined during the free first lesson. All Novakid teachers undergo special training and are qualified for this occasion.

I have two children (twins/friends), can they have lessons together?

No. First of all, it will be ineffective for your child (children). You can always share a promotional code for a discount for all your friends when purchasing a lessons package that will be available in the parent's room on the platform. By the way, after your friends use the promotional code and get the first pack of lessons, you will receive bonus lessons.

The learning process - methods, teachers

What are your methods and educational materials?

Novakid uses a teaching method that is close to the process of mastering one`s native language. Interactive teaching material is designed according to the European standards of proficiency in a foreign language (CEFR) and aims to motivate the student to speak and understand English in the process of communication with the teacher. Grammar and phonetics are taught from the “as they say” point of view and fit well into the lesson. Consequently, Novakid forms an inner sense of the English language in the child and erases the language barrier. In the educational process, we use our own materials developed by methodologists and educators from the United States and the United Kingdom.

What is the CLIL method?

CLIL - short for Content and Language Integrated Learning literally means “subject-language integrated learning”. In simple words, CLIL is an opportunity to study familiar school subjects, such as geography, mathematics, history, etc., in the foreign language being studied.
Of course, our CLIL lessons are focused more on language than on mastering a particular subject and provide an opportunity to learn English, learn new words and phrases, and also repeat the grammar in a more relaxed form on exciting materials that however is associated with subjects studied in school. So, for example, the simple past tense is repeated in a class dedicated to dinosaurs (biology), knowledge of the passive voice tense is fixed when comprehending the magic of glass production (chemistry), the degree of comparison of adjectives is lined up in a single system using the example of studying landforms (geography), thus providing a new fascinating way to learn English.

What levels are CLIL lessons built into?

The CLIL lessons are built into the program of levels 3 and 4 as follows: every 2 units there is a lesson-repetition taught in the last two sections of the material. Then, the student has the opportunity to take some time off from the intensive language and expand his horizons with the help of CLIL lessons, which also unobtrusively replenish vocabulary and provide an opportunity to consolidate the previously studied grammatical material .

Who are your teachers?

All our teachers are native speakers of English. These are teachers for whom English is native (Native) or second native (Near-Native) language. They live in over 20 different countries in the world, including the United States, Britain, Canada, South Africa, Philippines and they have either American or British accent. Novakid teachers are qualified teachers with higher pedagogical education or have equivalent certificates. They are constantly improving their skills and are sure to have experience teaching online.

Can you provide scanned copies of educational documents that confirm the qualifications of your teachers and methodologists?

Certificates are listed in the profile of the teacher and can be provided as scanned copies upon request.

Can I talk to the teacher directly?

You can attend the class next to your child, and you can send your requests and questions to the teacher through administrators. We will send you an e-mail with comments/answer of a teacher. The teacher also leaves a review after each lesson. You can see it in the parent’s office in the Schedule -> Completed Lessons section. Please note that the lesson review is an automatic translation from English.

Can I talk to the teacher directly to discuss the success of my child?

In the parent’s office in the Program section, you can clarify at what level the child is now. The teacher also leaves a review after each lesson. You can see it in the parent’s office in the Schedule -> Completed Lessons section. If the material is given to your child is too difficult / too easy, the Novakid administrators will contact you and give the teacher’s recommendations regarding the level change / additional tasks that you can do with your child together to better learning / consolidate the material (exercises are in the parent’s account in the Library section).

How can I track the progress of my child if I cannot attend the lessons (to be near the child)?

In the parent’s office / Program section, you can clarify at what level the child is now. The teacher also leaves a review after each lesson. You can see it in the parent’s office in the Schedule -> Completed Lessons section. Please note that the lesson review is an automatic translation from English. If the material is given to your child is too difficult / too easy, the Novakid administrators will contact you and give the teacher’s recommendations regarding the level change / additional tasks that you can do with your child together to better learning / consolidate the material (exercises are in the parent’s office in the Library section).

How many levels do you have?

Currently there are 5 of them: Level 0 (Pre-school), Level 1 (A1.1) - Starter 1, Level 2 (A1.2) - Starter 2 (YLE Movers), Level 3 (A2.1) - Elementary 1, Level 4 (A2.2) - Elementary 2 (YLE Flyers).

Is it possible to learn only speaking, without writing and reading?

Novakid educational program is aimed at the integrated development of the system of skills and abilities: listening (listening comprehension), speaking, reading, writing. The absence of one of the types of the herein mentioned activities will lead to incomplete development of the English language.

Is it possible to read and discuss books with a teacher?

You can and always read books, but not during the lesson. To discuss - of course, if any time remains from the lesson!

Do you issue any certificate?

Yes, if you or your child need it, we can issue a certificate. To do this, contact our administrators in a convenient way for you.

I would like to see the photo (video, biography) of the teacher before choosing him/her.

You can find video presentations, photos and biographies of some of Novakid’s teachers on our Facebook, VK (Vkontakte) and Instagram pages. We do not have catalog for all teachers at the moment.

I do not speak English. How can I communicate with the teacher?

Do not worry. Our method allows to teach without using your native language, and you do not need to contact with the teacher. You can attend the lesson, but only as an observer. If you still have questions, our administrators will help you. They will be able to convey a message or a request to the teacher in order to help in case of technical difficulties. Please contact Novakid in any convenient way for you: by a chat window in your account, by e-mail or by phone. Please note that during the lesson the teacher can send a message via chat window and that message will be automatically translated into your language.

How do the lessons go?

As the phrase goes, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Watch our demo video to get an idea about how the lessons are done.

How long does one lesson last?

The duration of each lesson is 25 minutes. In our experience, this is the optimal time for young students. You can also assign 2 classes in a row and get a lesson that lasts 50 minutes.

25 minutes is too little for my child. Each Lesson at school lasts 45 minutes.

If you wish, you can study 2 lessons successively, but we do not recommend this option for kids 6-8 years old, as they need to switch their attention more often.

Do we have to do homework?

We do not have mandatory homework assignments - in a playful, unobtrusive form, it is much easier for children to perceive learning English. If desired, in the parent’s office in the Library section, you can find lessons learned as well as additional files marked “for printing”.

I want to see the entire lesson/level program

All the information on the program and levels you can find in the section "Program" in the parent's office.

How many lessons are recommended for the visible effect?

Usually, the child begins to communicate with the teacher from the first lesson. With the shyest students, the teacher may need 3-5 lessons. For a visible effect, we recommend taking a course of at least 40 lessons.

Trial lesson

How to sign up for a trial lesson and how much does it cost?

You can register for the lesson yourself immediately after registration or you can contact the customer support. Your first trial lesson is free of charge.

In case we decide not to continue lessons, will we need to pay for the trial lesson?

No, the trial lesson is free of charge anyway.

How to cancel or postpone a trial lesson?

You can cancel or move a trial lesson through the parent's office or by contacting customer support. We recommend you to notify us at least 8 hours before the lesson starts.

If we do not pass the test of equipment before the trial lesson, will it be cancelled?

No, it will not. A test of the speed of the Internet, camera, and a microphone is required for a successful lesson. You will be able to join the virtual classroom without passing the test, but in this case, we do not guarantee higher technical quality of the lesson.

What level has my child been listed after the trial lesson?

You can check the level of your child in the parent’s office in the “Program” section immediately after the end of the trial lesson.

I do not agree with the language level assessment after the test lesson. What should I do? (low level or high level)

You can send a similar comment to our support team. Novakid methodologists will study the video of the lesson and will explain within a few days why this level has been set or will correct it.

It seems to me that the trial lesson was very difficult/easy to my child.

We can re-assess your child’s knowledge. But before that NovaKid methodologists will familiarize with the video recording of the lesson, in order to determine the need for a re-assess.

Which “accent” of the teacher is better to choose?

At the initial stage of the study, the accent of the teacher is not as important as many other aspects of the language. If you want your child to aurally perceive any accent well, you can and should alternate teachers with different types of accents. For children 5-7 years old, we recommend studying with one teacher.

I have two children. Can I assign two trial lessons?

Of course, you can assign for 2 trial lessons. Trial lessons will be free of charge for each sutdent. Please note that trial lessons or regular classes for two children with one parent cannot be assigned to the same time. For more information, contact our administrators.

We want to study only with the teacher who led the trial lesson.

By default, regular lessons are assigned with the teacher who conducted the trial lesson. If the teacher’s available time does not suit you, you can choose another teacher yourself in the parent’s office or contact the Novakid administrators.

Can we change our teacher if we don’t like him/her? I or my child did not like the teacher who conducted the trial lesson.

Yes, it is possible. But we will ask you to justify your request in order to find the new teacher as efficiently as possible. We also do not recommend changing teachers often to children 6-8 years old, because small children are more often emotionally attached to the teacher.

Can we study with a teacher in the Native category?

The teacher is assigned to the trial lesson automatically as offered by the system, without the possibility of choosing Native or Near-Native. If you want to try a trial lesson with a teacher at the Native level, then you need to purchase a minimum package of 5 lessons.

We could not join the first or second trial lessons. Can I schedule a third trial lesson?

In this case, we will ask you to buy a minimum package of 5 lessons. If you refuse to continue to engage in Novakid, we will refund the funds for 4 lessons within 3 business days.

Can I choose a specific teacher or teacher category for a trial lesson?

No, this option does not exist yet. The teacher is assigned automatically from a number of teachers available at the time you specify.

Do you have a rating of teachers? I want my child to study with the best teacher!

We do not keep the rating of teachers, as we consider them as professionals in their field! All teachers of Novakid were trained and received international certificates that allow them to teach English as a foreign language. Our teachers have experience more than 3 years, and they constantly undergo training and certification programs. Having chosen to study at Novakid school, you can be sure that your child will study with a qualified teacher who is interested in the progress of his/her students. If the teacher does not fit to your child in the style of teaching, you can always contact us, and the school’s methodologists will offer classes with a teacher who best meets your criteria.

Where can I see the entire list of your teachers?

You can find video presentations, photos and biographies of some of Novakid’s teachers on our Facebook, VK (Vkontakte) and Instagram pages. At the moment we do not have the catalog of all teachers.

When can I go into the classroom?

A virtual classroom is available for you one hour before the lesson starts. But we recommend you to join the lesson 5 minutes before the start. Of course, before this, it is necessary to test the hardware and Internet speed by clicking the "Run test" button in the parent's office.

Lesson schedule, appointment, and cancellation

How often do you recommend studying? How many times a week?

For visible progress, Novakid methodologists recommend studying at least 4 times a week. The minimum intensity, in our opinion, is 2 lessons per week.

Is it possible to change the lesson schedule every week?

Yes of course. You can manage the schedule yourself in your account using the “Add Lesson” button. You can also always contact Novakid customer support. However, we, unfortunately, do not guarantee that a particular teacher will be available at a convenient time for you. To save the schedule and teacher, we recommend that you assign regular classes.

We are going on vacation. Will the already paid lessons "burn down"? Will the teacher and schedule be saved?

If you are planning a break in classes, it is possible to pause the lessons for 2 weeks by keeping the schedule with your teacher. In the case of suspension for a longer period, the preservation of the schedule and the teacher is not guaranteed. You can continue classes at any time after returning. For this, it will be necessary to contact us. Your account balance will be frozen for the duration of the break.

I want to move today's lesson to a later time.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Teacher's schedule cannot be changed within the same day.

Will I be charged for a lesson if I cancel it?

The deduction will not occur if the cancellation is completed 8 hours or more before the start of the lesson.

Is it possible to move the lesson in the personal account of the parent or just cancel it?

You can cancel and move the lesson to your teacher’s free time. This option is available for the next class and more than 8 hours before the lesson starts.

In which cases can I get a refund for canceled lesson less than 8 hours before class?

If the lesson did not take place due to reasons beyond your control (disconnection of electricity, Internet, etc., or in the event of a child’s illness, you must receive and provide us an illness certificate from your doctor, or a written confirmation of from your service provider that they could not provide a stable connection, etc.) please inform us with an e-mail within 7 days. In this case, we will be able to return your funds.

I have received a lesson cancellation SMS. Why?

Perhaps the lesson is canceled due to zero balance. It could also be due to a change in the teacher’s schedule. Please note that if the lesson is canceled by the teacher, the teacher is automatically replaced. If you are not satisfied with a substitute teacher and you want to cancel/move a lesson, please contact our support team.

I have a cancelled lesson today due to zero balance. Can you bring it back, please?

Unfortunately, we can not assign a cancelled lesson on the same day. Administrators will help you restore the lesson at a convenient time for you, starting from the next day.

Can I assign a regular lesson to an already occupied slot of our teacher? Can I contact the other parent and offer him/her another time?

As a rule, we offer a replacement teacher or choose another time for your regular teacher. Novakid is constantly developing and the number of teachers is growing. We are sure that we will be able to find a teacher working at a time convenient for you.

I have received an SMS about teacher replacement. What has happened?

We replace the teacher in the event that your regular teacher cancels classes on an emergency basis (technical malfunctions) or in advance (holidays, vacations). Please note that with any changes you always get an SMS. If you are not satisfied with a substitute teacher, please inform our support team.

Cost: payment and packages

How to pay for lessons (how to replenish the balance)?

In your personal account there is a section My Account -> Refill balance or the “Top-up balance” button in the Schedule section.

When should I pay for lessons?

You can pay for lessons at any time that is convenient for you. Most importantly, your balance should not be zero less than 24 hours before the start of the lesson. In this case, the lesson (but only the closest one) will be automatically canceled.

Is payment through PayPal is possible?

This is possible when buying packages of 20 or more lessons. Payment must be made to the email address (Paypal-ID)

How to pay in US dollars?

You can pay in US dollars. To do this, please contact our support team - we will need to make changes to your profile.

How to pay in Euros?

We do not support payment in euros (by credit card) yet.

I don’t receive a code when I enter my card details

You need to contact the bank where the card is issued.

How many lessons can I buy? How much do they cost?

Lessons are purchased in packages. You can buy only the number of lessons, which is indicated in the package.

Can I buy 1 lesson, 7 lessons or 100 lessons at once?

We offer packages of 5, 10, 20 and 40 lessons with Native or Near-Native category teachers.

Is it possible to pay for 2 or 3 children by one package?

Yes, of course. One pack of lessons can be divided among all the children registered in Novakid on you. The number of children per parent account is unlimited.

I bought 40 lessons. How fast do I need to spend them? Does the package burn out?

The package is termless and the right for lessons do not burn. If you have to interrupt the learning process and give a break, you can always return to the lessons at a convenient time.

If we do not want to continue (for any reason), do the cost of lessons are reimbursed, which remained on the balance sheet, and in what time frame?

Yes, we refund the payment within 3 business days. However, the term for crediting funds to the card depends on your bank and can take up to 2 weeks. For a refund, please send a request to our support service. By e-mail:

I bought a package of 40 lessons, and your price list has been changed. Will the number of lessons be reduced/increased?

No, if the price list of Novakid has been changed, the number of lessons already obtained will not change. Please note that the purchase of the next package will be made on the new price list.

I have a friend. I want to give him/her or transfer 10 lessons. I have 40 on my balance. How to do it?

To do this, please contact the administrators of Novakid in a way that is convenient for you: in the chat window in your account, by e-mail or by phone.

Novakid discounts, bonus lessons

Are there any discounts on Novakid when buying packages with a large number of lessons?

The more lessons you buy at one time, the lower the price for 1 lesson gets. The discount is already included in the package price. For example, when buying a package of 40 lessons, the price for 1 lesson will be less compared to a package that includes 5 lessons (price for a Native level teacher). All discounts can be found by clicking the button "Top-up balance" in the personal account of the parent.

Do you have discounts for beginners? (welcome package)

Details about our discounts can be found in our support service.

Do you have installment payments?

Unfortunately, we do not provide installments. Lessons are held on a prepaid basis and are automatically cancelled 24 hours before the start of the lesson if the balance is “zero”.

Are there discounts to friends of Novakid employees?

Yes, there are such discounts. Details can be found in our support service.

Are there discounts for large families?

Unfortunately, at the moment there are no discounts for large families. You can purchase a package with a large number of lessons, where the discount is already included. There is also always a chance to get free lessons - follow our promotional shares on our pages on Instagram, Facebook, VK (Vkontakte)

How to use a promotional code in your account (campaign "Bring your friend")?

Each user has a unique promotional code that can be found in the upper right corner (picture with a kitten, an example of a promotional code: "ELENA1234"). Paying for a package of lessons, a friend of the user enters this promotional code in the field "Enter promotional code". Automatically the user (recommending person) receives 2 free lessons, and the friend receives a 20% discount on the purchase of the selected packages.

Questions about teachers Near-Natives

Who are Near-Native teachers? What is the different from Natives?

Near-Native teachers are fluent in English like Native teachers. The teachers in this category are qualified and certified teachers who have the necessary experience of working with children, including online. They come from countries where English is the official language.

Why did you add teachers Near-Native in Novakid?

We invited Near-Native teachers to Novakid to offer you lessons at more affordable prices without loss of proffesional teachers, their experience and the quality of teaching.

Will a Near-Native teacher be suitable to my child?

Our teachers in the Near-Native category are also qualified and certified teachers who have the necessary experience in working with children, including online teaching.

Will lessons be held on the same program or some other program?

Teachers of the Native and teachers of the Near-Native categories are studying in a single program specifically developed by our methodologists.

Is it possible (necessary) to combine lessons with Near-Native and Native teachers?

It is possible to combine classes with teachers in the Native and Near-Native categories, both in terms of platform capabilities and methodological ones. This is useful for a more flexible perception of your child's English language. Indeed, in real life, he/she will not only have to communicate with native speakers.

How cheaper are lessons with an Near-Native teacher than with a Native?

Lessons with Near-Native teachers cost 40% less than classes with Native-level teachers.

We are Novakid clients. Now we have a teacher from the UK. It has become expensive for us, but we want to continue to study. Can I get a free lesson with an Near-Native teacher?

No, in this case, the free lesson is not provided. You can try a lesson with a Near-Native teacher according to your balance.

How do we recount lessons (balance) if we move from a Native teacher to a Near-Native teacher?

Recalculation is not required, because the balance will change automatically if you are engaged only with a Near-Native teacher. For example, for every 10 lessons with a Native teacher, you will receive 16 lessons with a Near-Native teacher. If you study with Native and Near-Native teachers simultaneously, then the double balance will be reflected in your personal account.

We study with both Native and Near-Native teachers. How will the withdrawal from the balance realize?

For each lesson with a teacher Native will be written off 1 lesson. Per lesson with a teacher of Near-Native - 0.6 lesson. The number of available lessons for each category of teachers will be reflected in your personal account.

Is there a notion of accent at a near-native teacher? For example, do they have a British or American accent? Or they have an accent of their country?

Most of our Near-Native teachers are from Southeast Asia (mainly the Philippines) and have an American accent. All our teachers are strictly selected including the pronunciation, so you will not hear the “Asian” accent in their speech.

Software and hardware

What is required for lessons? Hardware Requirements.

To conduct lessons at NovaKid, you will need:

  • a laptop with an integrated camera or a desktop computer with an external webcam or an Android tablet;
  • operating system Windows 7+ or MacOSX 10.10+;
  • he installed Google Chrome internet browser, which can be downloaded free of charge from (it is also possible to use the FireFox browser, Opera);
  • a headset (headphones with a microphone);
  • a stable internet connection.

Attention: at the moment our educational platform is not supported on smartphones, browsers Microsoft Explorer / Safari.

Our recommendations:
  • We strongly recommend entering your Personal Account in advance and conducting a test of the camera, microphone and Internet connection (the button “Perform a test”). It is advisable to do this one day before class so that we can fix possible problems.
  • Practice with your child to use the mouse/touchpad by clicking the "Practice Drawing" button in the Personal Account. This will allow him to easily draw and carry out teacher assignments.
  • Provide the child with space without extraneous noise, so as not to distract him.

Can we study from cell phone or tablet?

You can study using a tablet with the Android operating system. IPad tablets are also supported but please use Safari browser. We also cannot guarantee the availability and quality of the lesson if you use the telephone.

Is it possible to conduct classes at the same time from one account (in a family of 2 children)?

This option is not available in our system yet. Lessons should be held at different times or from different accounts (we will make another account for you and transfer the agreed number of lessons there).

I can not pass the hardware test. What should I do?

  • Check if there is an internet connection.
  • Check the browser. The recommended browser is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.
  • Check if the equipment is connected (microphone and headphones).
  • Make sure that during lessons no one else is connected to wi-fi.
  • Make sure that only the Novakid tab is open in the browser.
  • Restart your computer (Windows OS may not have installed the downloaded updates)
  • Reboot the router.

Legal and other issues

I want to work as a teacher for you. Is it possible?

In Novakid only native speakers can teach. All the details can be found on the website.

I am a blogger, I want to talk about you to my audience. What kind of discount or special conditions of study you will offer me?

Please contact our support service via live chat or e-mail. Your offer will be sent to a specialist. For bloggers (depending on the subject of the blog and the number of followers), we provide various conditions for cooperation.

Where can I see all of your terms and conditions?

You can open an offer contract, which is published on our website:

Can you send me a certificate stating that my child is studying at Novakid?

Yes, for this you need to send a request to our e-mail: We will send a soft copy to your e-mail within three days.

How can I restore the electronic check confirming the payment on the card (or account) that I made to Novakid?

Please contact our support team by e-mail at A pdf copy of your receipt will be sent to your email.

Support, communication methods

If it is expensive to call the Novakid, how else can I contact you?

You can write in the online chat from your Personal Account from 9:00 to 20:30 (GMT+3), or send an email to

Do I have to pay for phone calls to Novakid?

You can call us toll-free from 8 800 200-77-16 (for subscribers of the Russian Federation) or write in the online chat window from your personal account from 9:00 to 20:30 (GMT+3), or send an email to

Is it possible to communicate with you through WhatsApp or Viber?

Unfortunately not. For more mobile communication, you can contact us via the online chat in the parent's office. We will reply you within a few minutes during business hours from 9:00 to 20:30 (GMT+3).